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Chargeurs PCC launches training academy

Chargeurs PCC has launched an academy to train the next generation of industry talent and pass on the group’s professional know-how.

The Chargeurs PCC Academy will run throughout 2024, and is a collaboration with institutions such as Central St Martins, Instituto Europeo di Design Milano, Institut Français de la Mode and Instituto Marangoni Firenze, as well as corporate entities.

The academy will educate and raise awareness about the role of garment components in performance, fit, and sustainability, offering insights into key components and their impact on the supply chain. Through its global partnerships, the Chargeurs PCC Academy will deliver masterclasses, workshops, and factory tours as well as internships and work-study programmes.

The academy will support students’ academic projects, gift inner components, and offer one-to-one consultancies to foster a culture of innovation and sustainability for the future of textile manufacturing.

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