Wednesday 30 September 2020


VeriVide to exhibit at Innovate Textile & Apparel virtual trade Show




VeriVide will be showcasing its latest developments for digital and visual colour measurement and assessment, and demonstrating how its equipment can improve the quality control process, at the Innovative Textile & Apparel virtual trade show on 15-30 October 2020.

This free two-week event aims to provide manufacturers of materials and technologies in the clothing and textile industries with an opportunity to present their products to a global audience in a virtual format, and includes a conference and seminar programme, online demonstrations, and the opportunity to connect buyers and suppliers via chat or video conferencing.

VeriVide will have a virtual booth in the Testing and Software Halls under the main Technology Hall where the company will exhibit the latest developments of its DigiEye system, which transforms the colour digitalisation and visualisation process. Colour digitalisation reduces production cycles, increases speed to market, and reduces quality control costs and wastage. VeriVide’s DigiEye system transforms business processes by digitising colour and appearance, enabling manufacturers and retailers to communicate, reproduce, and assess colour instantly, objectively, and accurately.

VeriVide will also showcase its Colour Assessment Cabinet LED POS, which provides standardised and consistent viewing environment under LED and fluorescent point of sale lighting to assess how products will look in store lighting conditions.

Anyone interested in attending the event can register online.

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