Fashion's New Frontiers - What's Next?

Tuesday 14 October 2014
Queens Hotel, Leeds, 10am - 4pm

The ASBCI  major industry conference, 'Fashion's New Frontiers - What's Next?' took place on Tuesday 14th October at the Queens Hotel, Leeds.
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The one-day conference looked at what is on the horizon for the fashion industry; the pioneering new ideas, revolutionary technologies and system innovations that will, undoubtedly, change the way the industry operates from both a technical and consumer engagement standpoint.
An esteemed line-up of industry professionals and specialists were called upon to share their observations for the future enabling retailers, manufacturers and the supply-chain as a whole to become more adept at demonstrating a forward-thinking vision.
Focusing on the management of increasingly complex supply-chains, the true effects of counterfeit items in the trade, the adoption of transparent practice methods, cutting-edge production performance, consumer data intelligence and more, the conference imparted progressive realisation for creating, producing and delivering better products to consumers more efficiently.
'Tomorrow's Balance Sheet: Managing Supply Costs'
Lorna Ward, director - retail, PwC
'The Evolution of Fashion Sourcing: Trends and Destinations'
Adrian Elliott, president - apparel & footwear, Coats Plc
'Ethical and Responsible Sourcing - Planning an Ethical Future'
Laura Hawkesford, ethical trading manager, Marks & Spencer
'Changing Supply Chain Mentality: Taking a Proactive Approach to Managing Risk'
Jeremy Opperer, technical operations director - product intelligence, Intertek
'Tackle Your Returns Problem: Innovative Strategies in Reducing Returns'
Vicky Brock, ceo, Clear Returns
'Faking It! Future Proofing Brand Indentity'
Peter Nunn, associate, Mischon de Reya
'Agile Logistics: Avoiding an Operational Nightmare'
Kevin Townend, non executive director, Advanced Supply Chain
'Avoiding Icebergs - Voliatility, Visibility and Risk in the Clothing Supply Chain'
Professor Tony Hines, professor of marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University
'What's Next? Be First to the Future'
Jamie Murray Wells, industry head - retail, Google UK
Closing Summary
Leonie Barrie, managing editor,

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