Wednesday 19 August 2020
Online - 4pm

GreenEarth get regular approaches from garment manufacturers and retailers alike, wanting to know more about what they do.  As a result, they regularly visit manufacturers and retailers, hold events and host technical visits to aftercare specialists. 

On August 19th 2020, GreenEarth will be hosting a Sustainable Garment Aftercare webinar, in partnership with ASBCI.  Lasting for about 45 minutes (depending on questions) and will give you an introduction to the company and the GreenEarth difference, when it comes to caring for garments and textiles.

The ASBCI appreciates at the moment that it is difficult for physical events to take place but want to allow members to have a forum for members to gain knowledge and actively engage with other members within the sector.

To find out more, visit the GreenEarth Events Page


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