Thursday 12 April 2018
London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London. W1K 6JP


The briefing will be hosted by GreenEarth’s Sustainability Director, Garry Knox and the keynote speaker will be GreenEarth President, Tim Maxwell.  It will take place at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square on 12th April from 8.30am (Registration)

Tim will be speaking about the evolution of GreenEarth® and how it contributes to the circular economy.  Other areas being discussed in the session will be:

  • Garment and Textile testing
  • Care labelling
  • Communication to Customers and Teams
  • How sustainable aftercare can form part of any Sustainability strategy
  • The role GreenEarth plays in all areas of garment and textile care.


There will also be refreshments available from 11am, whilst taking the opportunity to network and ask 1-1 questions with a GreenEarth representative.

Who should attend?

Directors, Heads of Department and Managers, who are responsible for the day to day responsibilities of sourcing garments and textiles, looking at the structural stability of garments after cleaning and those who have responsibility for the management of sustainability practices of the brand and are looking to reduce textile waste by the end user.

How to book your FREE place

To book your place, please register via this link

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